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Pop Paint

You can choose from a full range of Chalk Paint products at TimBuild Woodstock.
Pop Paint
Pop Paint

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Revolutionary Product

Pop furniture and décor paint is a revolutionary paint that transforms your DIY projects with ease. It transports you to a time when your creativity was untainted by rules. It’s a guaranteed explosion of the senses and memories of popping candy on your tongue. Pop Paint is non-toxic, water-based and free of lead and heavy metals. It is non-drip, fast-drying and produces a wonderfully hi-matte finish. No primer is required.

If you’re looking for a more resilient, hardwearing and water-resistant finish, our Pop Décor Wax offers the perfect solution. The wax provides an all clear protective layer that seals the paint on to your chosen item for that professional finish.

Pop Paint is available in 500ml and 290ml jars or purchase a handy 25ml jar for smaller items, or simply to experiment with colour. When choosing the right jar size for your project’s pop of colour, allow for a ratio of 100ml/1m2.

And it comes in 20 matte finish trend colours for a pop of unprecedented delight and vibrancy.

Chalk paints can be used on almost any surface including melamine! It  is quick and easy to apply and seldom requires surface preparation. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water. Apply with brushes, sponges’ rollers or a variety of different applicators depending on the finishing you prefer.  There are many different techniques you can try out, not to mention the fast number of colours.

Pop over to TimBuild Woodstock for more info, choose your colours and get creative!

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